At Barbell Club, we delve into the specifics of two foundational CrossFit movements, the Snatch & the Clean & Jerk. These Olympic Lifts are an integral part of the spectrum of functional fitness movements. They are dynamic and fun but are also quite intricate in nature and in order to be done effectively and safely, they must be practiced with good form and proper technique.

Barbell Club is for all levels. Those who are new to the Olympic Lifts will be able to improve their form with little to no weight on the bar. Those who are more experienced in the Olympic Lifts and have the ability to work at more of an intermediate to advanced level with a continued focus on perfecting technique and maintaining proper form under a heavier load.


At Push/Pull Class we focus primarily on two Powerlifting movements: the deadlift and the bench press. We work on perfecting form and building strength in these movements, following a 12-week Powerlifting cycle. This is a fun class for all levels and if attended consistently, will help you get stronger and improve your 1 Rep Max.